There Are More Ways to Prevent the Flu Besides Vaccines!

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There Are More Ways to Prevent the Flu Besides Vaccines!

Jan 24, 2018

Many people rely on the effectiveness of the annual flu vaccination. Getting vaccinated is a great way to lower your chances of getting the flu significantly, but unfortunately, it isn’t fool-proof. Not to take anything away from the flu shot as one of the easiest ways to prevent the flu, but it’s only meant to lower your flu risk by about 60%. That is quite a significant reduction in risk, but if getting the flu is just something you can’t afford, there are ways to reduce your risk up to 90%.

Sanitizing Your Environment

First things first, keeping your environment sanitary is the absolute least-invasive ways to prevent the flu; when combined with the flu shot, you can be rather certain you can escape the flu season without contracting the flu. The problem is that people will go in for their annual flu shot and not make any changes to their day-to-day hygiene. If you don’t keep your living conditions sanitary — especially during the flu season — then your risk of getting the flu goes up regardless of being vaccinated. Unnecessary and prolonged exposure to contaminants will undoubtedly end in sickness. Understanding the flu is an important component when attempting to mitigate your risk.

Considering Additional Antiviral Drugs

Although getting the flu shot and taking heavy sanitary precautions should generally keep you flu-free, if you are the caretaker of or live with someone who is fragile when it comes to their health and they absolutely cannot get the flu, then you might want to consider taking precautionary antiviral drugs. Talk to your doctor about it before the flu season starts; combine taking these drugs, getting your flu shot, and living a sanitary lifestyle, and you could become nearly bulletproof when it comes to the flu virus.