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Check In Online

    Check In Online

    There are many symptoms you might suffering from that could lead you to seek out services from a walk-in clinic in Columbus, Texas. You might not need emergency care but are still looking to get treated right away. At the urgent care near you, there are little to no wait times, so you can get medical attention right away.

    Get Tested for Strep

    If you think you might have strep throat, then you should visit an urgent care center near Columbus, TX. They can perform a rapid strep test to determine if you have the bacteria A streptococcus. Some of the symptoms of strep throat include having red and yellow spots on your throat or tonsils, having a coating on your throat or tonsils, and having swollen lymph nodes.

    The strep test is a quick and effective way to see if you actually have this painful illness or not. The throat swab takes only seconds and then a few minutes to check the results. If you do have strep throat, you can get prescribed antibiotic to treat it right away.

    Adult Allergies
    Allergies in Children

    Get a Flu Test

    Fall and winter are especially bad times for getting the flu, especially if you have children that are school age because kids share bacteria and germs. The urgent care in Columbus, Texas can check out your symptoms and help you recognize if you have the flu or not.

    Get Your Cough Figured Out

    Sometimes having a cough can be symptomatic of having another underlying illness. If you have a cough and want to get it checked out, then go to the urgent care center near you.

    Get Your Cold Looked At

    Colds can often turn into something much worse if left untreated. You can’t cure a cold, but you can get the symptoms treated. These can include a runny nose, a fever, chills, and nausea, and vomiting. Get your cold looked at today to make sure it’s nothing more serious.

    Get an X-Ray

    If you think you might have broken a bone, an X-Ray at the Columbus, TX urgent care might be the best solution for you. Make sure you get it treated right. There are other things which can require an X-ray so having the option to get one is very important.