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    Check In Online

    Are you in need of medical attention that doesn’t quite qualify as an emergency? Look into the walk-in clinic in Sealy, TX for all your urgent care needs. There are little wait times, and you can be treated for your symptoms as soon as you get in. There are various different ailments that can be addressed and a few treatments that can be offered.

    Strep Testing: Strep is an infection that affects your tonsils and the back of your throat. It is a painful illness that’s even worse when you’re swallowing. It’s caused by the bacteria A streptococcus. Just a simple throat swab that can be done in seconds and tested in a few minutes can reveal the presence of this bacteria which can lead to other infections including scarlet fever and pneumonia. Your throat may be covered in white or yellow spots, and you might notice a coating on your throat or tonsils or swelling in your lymph nodes. If your found to have strep throat after the throat swab, most likely the doctor at the urgent care center near Sealy, TX will prescribe you some antibiotics.

    Flu Test: If you have children that are in school or have a low immune system or are just unlucky, then you might have caught the flu. The urgent care center near you can test for this and treat accordingly if you are exhibiting any symptoms. Getting tested can prevent other illnesses from cropping up and making the flu worse.

    Cough: If you are suffering from a cough, you already know how it can negatively impact your life. It can cause inflammation or a sore throat and can be a symptom of something much worse. Get checked out at your local urgent care in Sealy.

    Cold: If you’ve caught a cold, you might experience a cough, a runny nose, a fever, and chills. It’s no fun, and you want to make sure that you’re treated before it becomes something worse.

    X-Rays: Getting X-Rays are a normal part of diagnosing a lot of different ailments. They can show swelling in your lungs as well as fractures in broken bones. You can get an X-Ray at the urgent care near you.