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Digital Imaging and Lab Services in Katy, TX

Imaging & Lab Services


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Digital imaging and lab services in Katy, TX deliver a non-threating environment for a wide assortment of adult and pediatric tests and screenings. An appointment can be made in advance, and we offer online check-in for faster service.

Blood Work Services Near You

The lab accepts physician orders for many types of blood and urine tests. The Katy facility is also equipped to test for gestational glucose and H pylori, which is linked to an increased risk of developing stomach ulcers, gastric cancer, and chronic gastritis. Our clinical lab rooms have comfortable exam beds to help patients relax as we draw blood.

Some tests and screenings require fasting. Please check with your healthcare provider for advance instructions prior to blood testing. Our phlebotomist will process your order promptly and efficiently. The results will be forwarded directly to your healthcare provider. Some tests require a longer processing time which may take a few days or more.

Digital X-Ray Services in Katy, TX

Digital x-ray on site is the most commonly used form of medical imaging. X-ray service in 77494 is used to reveal what’s happening inside the body. Digital imaging uncovers conditions within the body that are otherwise difficult to diagnose and treat, such as:

  • Fractured, broken, or dislocated bones or joints
  • The healing process of broken, fractured, or dislocated bones or joints post treatment
  •  The buildup of fluid in bones and joints
  •  Cancer
  •  Location of foreign objects
  •  Damage from injuries, infection, arthritis, abnormal bone growth or formation, osteoporosis and more