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Vaccines & Flu Shots in Katy, TX


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Preferred Urgent Care is here to help with preventative health care. Whether you need a flu shot vaccine, shots for school, travel or other inoculation, our Katy urgent care follows the best practices recommended by the CDC. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that all healthy people receive the flu vaccine and that the following high-risk groups receive flu shots whenever possible:

Adult Allergies
Allergies in Children
  • Kids 6 months of age through 4 years
  • Adults 50 years and over
  • Patients with chronic pulmonary, cardiovascular (except hypertension), hepatic, renal, hematologic, neurologic, or metabolic disorders
  • Immunosuppressed individuals
  • Pregnant, or soon-to-be pregnant women
  • Children on long-term aspirin therapy who might be at risk for Rye syndrome after suffering a flu virus infection
  • Nursing home residents
  • Native Americans or Alaska Natives
  • Morbidly obese patients
  • Health care personnel
  • Caregivers of children under five or adults over 50
  • Caregivers of patients with medical conditions that leave them vulnerable to flu-related complications

Seasonal Flu Shots

At Preferred Urgent Care, we offer seasonal flu shots for patients interested in staying protected during cold & flu season. Contact us or stop by our facility in Katy, TX for your flu vaccine today!