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    Check In Online

    If you’re looking for a walk-in clinic in Brookshire, look no further than Brookshire, TX Urgent Care. There are no wait times, and you can be treated immediately for whatever symptoms you’re suffering from. This urgent care near you can help treat and prevent a variety of different problems so check out the services we offer below.

    Strep Test

    A rapid strep test will involve an easy and quick throat swab. Within just minutes, the test can come back and show the presence of a group of bacteria called A streptococcus. This can cause strep throat as well as other infections which include scarlet fever, pneumonia, and abscesses.

    Strep is an infection that will affect the back of your throat and tonsils, which will become irritated and swollen, causing a severe sore throat that makes swallowing very painful. It can also cause white and yellow spots, a coating on the throat and tonsils, and swelling in the lymph nodes. If you are diagnosed with strep throat after your throat swab, the doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics to get this treated quickly and effectively.

    Adult Allergies
    Allergies in Children

    Flu Test

    Getting a flu test is especially important during the school year, as children are likely to be sharing in germs and bacteria. You can get tested at the urgent care center near Brookshire, TX to see if you’re exhibiting any of the symptoms of having the flu.


    If you have a bad cough, you know how determinantal it can be to your everyday life. It can make your throat sore and cause inflammation. You might also have an underlying condition that’s exacerbating your cough. Get it checked out at the urgent care center in Brookshire, TX.


    Having a cold is no fun, and it can sometimes lead to complications. You want to make sure that you get your cold checked out to make sure that it’s nothing serious.


    X-rays can be very important medical procedures that can tell if you have something wrong with your lungs or can help determine if a bone is broken. The urgent care in Brookshire, Texas offers X-rays if you need one.